Lay out your 4 frame sections face down on a smooth surface. Each corner is joined using a set of joining angles — one solid angle with the second angle fitted with screws on top. The two angles are inserted into the end of each channel as show in Figure 1. Note that each angle is stamped to show which side faces the front of the frame.  
  Starting with the bottom section (Side A), slide one set of joining angles into each end. Now slide the left section (Side B) and the right section (Side C) onto the exposed joining angles. Hold each corner tightly as you secure the screws on each side.  
  Insert glass, matting and backing into the channel of the U-shaped frame.  
  Slide a set of two joining angles into each end of the remaining frame section (Side D) and then secure the two remaining corners. Inspect the joined frame from the front to ensure that all corners are tight and flush.  
  Insert spring clips between joining channel and backing to fill any void and secure glass against frame face. Place hanging eyelets into frame channel approximately 1/3 distance from frame top and tighten with screws. Add braided wire to eyelets. Your frame is now complete and ready to hang!